Infographic designs

Infographics has been the latest trend in the web business as it is seen as an effective marketing strategy that could catch the attention of your target audience quite easily.

Why does your business need an infographic?

Easy to understand and impossible to ignore

Years of experience in the development of various infographics allows us to see and present unique and best creative solutions tailored to your business.

Your business presentation is the face of your business

Your project will be handled by professionals in their field. Our company promotes continuous development of specialists which guarantees you up to date visuals.

Communication system inside the company

Since we are a young and small team we are motivated to get a better result each time we create a project. We can implement up to 5 projects at a time.

How to place an order for an infographic?


Preparing the information

It would be best that before contacting us you would have a text document ready of all the information you want on your infographic!


Deciding the colors

If your company does not have logotype yet, we will help you decide the color palette for your infographic. If your company has a logotype, we will follow it’s branding.


Finding a budget

As you understand every design is different and demonstrates different perspectives. So we could contact more direct we ask you to decide your budget boundaries.

Fast and great design, done everything I asked. I’m satisfied with how the website feels and looks. Also worked with the team on a couple of labels, everything went well.

Arnie "Cryptolaboratory”

So far I have only ordered branding from the startkind team, the logo I have received is beyond top notch. I have to mention that communication is very fast.

Kenny “Swift Solutions”

Just bought a website design, all perfect. Received a fast & responsive design in a very short time. I'm very satisfied with the service.

Alexy "Kör professional"

Been working with this company designers for more than a couple of years so far. They branded all of my facebook pages and I have to say that the service is flawless.

Boban "America Political News”